Love Box Project for MSH

Here at St. Mark, the Luke 4:18 club is spearheading a new project: the Love Box Project. This is an event that will be taking place from November 25th to December 6th, 2019.
Students are asked to bring in small gifts for young patients at Markham Stouffville Hospital. We also ask that the items be new, and that no food products be donated. The love boxes will be delivered to the hospital the following week, in case they are needed for Christmas.
With the Love Box Project, we are trying to show our support at St Mark in contributing what we can. Please read over the attached chart to ensure that you purchase an item that corresponds to your child’s class. Because we are also unsure of gender of the recipient of the donation, please insure that any toys you purchase are gender neutral.
The boxes are slightly longer and wider than a binder and as deep as a adult shoe box. A colouring book or small stuffed toy will fit but a basketball will not.
Thank you for your help and support!
The Luke 4:18 Team (Bridget, Sabrina, Gabriella, Emma, Mohrail and Claire)


Box Theme and suggested items
JK/SK (3 classes)
0-2 years old and their parents: gift cards, infant or toddler toy, books, sippy cups, baby blankets, baby/toddler clothing, soother relax-o-ring (Sage)
Grades 1 – 2 (6 classes)
2-6 years old: stuffed animals, preschool books/toys, playdoh, crayons and coloring books, stickers, Pokemon cards, memory game, socks, reusable water bottles
Sanchez, Pileggi, Franko/Iannuzzi Harrison/Rosario, Gelis (5 classes)
Mental health unit 9-13 Worry Busters: years old (gender neutral please) journal, reusable water bottles, relaxation colouring books, coloured pencils, slime, stress ball, fidget toy, Rubik’s cubes, memory games, Tim’s cards
Ellis, Bufalini, De Acetis, Spensierie
(4 classes)
Mental health unit 12-18 years old (Atlas Program): journals, water bottles, relax-o-ring (Sage Wellness), Hygiene products (fragrance free), relaxation colouring books, colour pencils
Macri, Rosettis, Morra, Chiappetta/Reed
(4 classes)
7-12 years old: books, hockey cards, deck of cards, crossword puzzles, Rubik’s cubes, nail polish, journals, reusable water bottles, pens or pencils, fidget cubes, socks, slinky, graphic novels.