Dress Code

We are neither a Uniform or Standardized Dress Code School, however we are still expected to follow the parameters of Appropriate Dress Code as laid out by our Board in Policy 219A. To help assist parents and students with expectations for appropriate school dress, we offer these recommendations.

When trying to decide school dress choices, the following statement from the policy should be kept in mind: “All student attire must be in keeping with our Catholic teachings and beliefs, and reflect principles of modesty and respect”.

We encourage children to dress in clothing that is comfortable and, which at the same time, gives them a sense of pride and a sense that they are prepared for learning.

  • Tops, pants, shorts and skirts/dresses must cover the entire midriff
  • Language and or representations on any attire that indicates gang affiliation and/or depicts violence, profanity or discrimination of any kind whatsoever or that otherwise demeans an identifiable individual or group are not permitted
  • Halter tops, tank tops, spaghetti strap tops (narrower in width that 3 fingers), tube tops, half t-shirts, tops with cut-outs, short shorts/skirts/dresses, low necklines front or back are not permitted
  • Jeans may be worn but these should be neat in appearance with no rips or tears
  • Hats of any kind are to be removed on entrance to the school. Doing so is a sign of respect
  • Jewelry and accessories should be simple and be worn with safety in mind
Please note: Parents who wish to have their children dress in the previously proposed school colours (blue bottoms and either a white, grey or dark blue top) are still free to do so.