Pick Up/Drop Off Routine

Between 7:30 am – 8:30 am and 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday, there is no stopping or parking on the east side Glad Park Avenue. As well, during these times, cars exiting the schools or Church property can only make right hand turns. Buses are excepted from the above turning restrictions.

Thanks for your time and assistance in creating an even safer school.

The Four Agreements of the Kiss & Ride Loop

Attentive Listening

This means we are aware of all the people who may be in the loop at the same time as we are. Ensuring the safety of all of our students is our priority. It also means that we are attentive to all signs and expectations which are posted and have been communicated in our monthly newsletters. For example:

  • Drivers are to remain in their cars at all times
  • There is no stopping or parking around the tree in the middle of the loop
  • We want everyone to be safe, so students should only be dropped off or picked up at curb side so that they have easy access to their parent’s vehicle and do not have to cross between cars that may move at any time

Mutual Respect

There is plenty of room in the loop if it is used properly. When entering please be sure to pull around to the far side of the loop so that other drivers can enter as well an utilize the drop off/pick up area. Some members of our community require the use of the handicapped parking space so we appreciate not having this blocked. Children should have their backpacks on their lap to enable them to exit the car quickly. This will help with efficient and smooth traffic flow.

Appreciation/No Put Downs

As we try to teach our children, we extend courtesy to all who use the loop. Let’s appreciate what other drivers/parents may do for us. From time to time a reminder may be given to some drivers who perhaps are new to the loop. These reminders are always given with the best of intentions and ultimately have the safety of our children in mind.

Right to Pass/Participate

At St. Mark we have a great advantage that many schools do not have, the spacious parking at the Church. this is always an option for everyone and we thank those who utilize this and walk their children in to the school grounds. For those who choose to use the loop, we appreciate your cooperation in respecting the expectations noted above.