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Lest We Forget. “Today We Pray For Healing and Peace in the World”

On Wednesday November 11, we held our Remembrance Day liturgy. Together, as a community, we prayed for Peace and Justice in this world.

Here is a recording of our students in kindergarten explaining what Remembrance Day is about:

We kept in our prayers all men and women who fought valliantly and for those who made the ultimate sacrafice, so we could ... Continue reading "Lest We Forget. “Today We Pray For Healing and Peace in the World”"

Wishing you a safe and wonderful summer!

With the end of every school year comes a time for celebration and reflection. The 2019-2020 school year has been a formidable one, both by the many achievements of our wonderful students, and also by the strength, perseverance and strong faith that was shown by our school community, during these unprecedented times.  As the world was faced with the covid pandemic, and schools across the ... Continue reading "Wishing you a safe and wonderful summer!"

Congratulations to our Grade 8 Students!

Congratulations to our wonderful grade 8 students on their graduation!  Nothing could keep us away from cheering on such a great class of graduating students.

A big thank you to Father Michael for letting us use the church car loop, and for joining us in the celebration on Thursday June 25th! Many staff members came out on this perfect day to honour our ... Continue reading "Congratulations to our Grade 8 Students!"